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Myself and long standing customer and friend Omid Nayer

Omid and his family have been customers of WW Souvenirs for over 25 years

It was wonderful to catch up with a good friend and customer after all these years

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David Hudson and myself at Brisbane Airport

It was great catching up with my good friend of nearly 30 years David Dahwurr Hudson on a 4 hour stopover at the Brisbane Airport .

David was on his way home to Cairns after participating and playing the Didgeridoo at the 100 years Battle of Beersheba event Istanbul Turkey.

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Statement from Warlukurlangu Artist Corporation

Copy of letter received from Cecilia Alfonso The Manager of the Warlukurlangu Artist Corporation

Outlining and Supporting the ethical trading relationship that WW Souvenirs and the Warlukurlangu Artist Corporation have had for many years.

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Letter from Mr.Colin Jones

Endorsement letter form Indigenous Artist Mr.Colin Jones

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David Hudson (Dahwurr)

We are proud to announce that David Hudson (Dahwurr) is working with us and producing exclusive hand painted boomerangs and didgeridoos in his own unique style.

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